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derek chauvin wife

Who is Derek Chauvin’s wife Kellie Chauvin? What has Kellie Chauvin said about George Floyd’s death?

KELLIE CHAUVIN is the ex-wife of Derek Chauvin, the Minnesota police officer found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

Derek Chauvin, 45, was found guilty on all three counts of murder and manslaughter on April 20. The judge handed down his sentence on Friday, June 25.

Who is Kellie Chauvin?

Derek Chauvin’s wife was named Kellie.

In the death of George Floyd, Derek was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

The verdict was read by the judge shortly after 4 p.m. on April 20. Soon after the announcement, Chauvin was led away from the courthouse while restrained.

On June 25th, Chauvin was given a prison term of 22 and a half years.

On Wednesday, December 25th, however, Derick Chauvin pled guilty in federal court in ST. Paul.

Before receiving a life-changing sentence, the ex-Minneapolis police officer made a brief statement.

While Chauvin could not issue a full statement due to pending legal matters, he did express his condolences to the Floyd family.

“I hope things will give you some peace of mind, and there will be some other information in the future that would be of interest.”

After Derek was arrested for Floyd’s murder, Kellie filed for divorce. In other words, they haven’t started a family yet.

Kellie was born in Laos in 1974, making her age 46. In 1977, when the war was just beginning, she and her family escaped to Thailand.

An accomplished radiologist and beauty queen, she was named Mrs. Minnesota in 2018.

derek chauvin wife
derek chauvin wife

Kellie, according to Twin Cities, entered the pageant at the urging of a friend.

Kellie stated that she felt a need to speak for the Hmong people because she had been bullied because of her heritage, appearance, and status as a refugee growing up.

Several Hmong organisations and businesses have benefited from her financial support.

The mother of two has opened her home as a “safe haven” for Hmong women going through tough times, and she has volunteered as a translator at local hospitals.

She explained that she gives them the tools they need to succeed, such as assisting them in securing housing and employment.

“One person can change the world,” as the saying goes.

According to Vantu News, Kellie’s most recent job was working as a real estate agent for Re/Max.

Derek Chauvin, a white police officer and her estranged husband, was filmed kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for nine minutes, preventing him from breathing until he died.

Floyd was pleading “I can’t breathe” as onlookers urged Chauvin to stop choking Floyd.

In addition to losing his job with the Minneapolis Police Department, Chauvin also lost his wife.

There were a total of four officers involved in the arrest, but only three of them lost their jobs.

What has Kellie Chauvin said about George Floyd’s death?

After Floyd’s death, a distraught Kellie Chauvin issued a statement through the Minneapolis law firm Sekula Law Offices.

In it, you will find the following: “Kellie is deeply saddened by Mr. Floyd’s passing, and she extends her deepest condolences to his family, his loved ones, and anyone else who is suffering as a result of this tragedy.

“As of right now, she is officially divorced from Derek Chauvin.

Ms. Chauvin has asked that her children, her elderly parents, and her extended family be given privacy and protection during this trying time, despite the fact that she has no children from her current marriage.

Several Facebook users expressed their sympathies for her after reading her comments, including Addison Steiner, who wrote: “I consider Kellie a good friend. Before she married Derek, we were friends.

“She’s a sweetheart of a lady, very mild and sympathetic. Say some prayers for her.”

In a further statement, Marilyn Sychra said “In my prayers, may this woman find comfort and rest. In regards to what happened to Mr. Floyd, she was completely innocent.”

On her blog, Brandi Cross wrote: “Likewise, Kellie, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

That which was once familiar to you no longer exists; your life has abruptly altered.

Why are Derek and Kellie Chauvin divorcing?

On May 28, 2020, three days after George Floyd’s horrific death, Kellie Chauvin filed for divorce from her husband, Derek.

Former Mrs. Minnesota cited a “irretrievable breakdown” in communication as the reason for the end of their 10-year marriage.

After being laid off from her job as an estate agent, Kellie reportedly stated in court documents that she does not want any financial assistance from her ex-cop boyfriend.

According to the paperwork, “[the] respondent is fully capable of supporting herself.”

According to the documents, both Kellie and her now-ex-husband have given up any hope of receiving “temporary or permanent spousal maintenance” from each other.

When did they get married and do they have children?

Kellie and Derek Chauvin met while she was working as a radiologist at a hospital and fell in love. They tied the knot in 2010.

She said they first met when he dropped off a suspect at the Minneapolis hospital where she worked.

They do not share any children together, but Kellie does with her ex-husband Kujay Xiong and their two children.

According to documents kept by the Minneapolis City Council, prior to joining the force, Derek Chauvin worked as a bouncer at a downtown Latin nightclub.

It was Kellie who made the following statement “That uniform hides a softie underneath. What a gentleman he is.

“He still does thoughtful things like opening doors and helping me into my coat.

I had a long list of requirements for a potential partner after my [first] divorce, and he met every one of them.

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