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What Jeffrey Dahmer Did With the Polaroid Photos He Took of His Victims

Lots of time passed. Dahmer documented his victims using Polaroid photographs. A wanted criminal was captured by unprepared police and their Polaroid cameras. It put the spotlight on the victims of Dahmer’s crimes and his legal ineptitude.

How Come Jeffrey Dahmer Used His Victims as Polaroids?

Dahmer not only found pleasure in degrading his victims’ bodies, but he also made sure to document the gruesome process with polaroid images, which only helped to feed his fixation.
He “routinely photographed images of his victims at various levels of the murder process,” The Sun claimed, so that he could go back and recreate the killing process in his head.

Dahmer, who often expressed feelings of loneliness and isolation, reportedly said he required the keepsakes to “keep him company” in a 1994 article published in The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.

Dahmer’s plans to construct an altar in his apartment were depicted in childlike art that was discovered as the investigation continued. A table in the back of the room would be decorated with painted skulls and surrounded by painted skeletons.

What Role Did Polaroids Play in Arresting Jeffery Dahmer?

Tracy Edwards, Dahmer’s planned victim, escaped his apartment in July 1991 and called the police, which led to Dahmer’s arrest. After Edwards and Dahmer left, two Milwaukee police officers followed them back to Dahmer’s apartment. The policemen were greeted with a suffocating, foul odor and instructed to search the premises.

When the police had finished looking through Dahmer’s flat, one of them opened a drawer in his nightstand and found 84 horrible polaroid images of his victims.

Reportedly, the photos showed Dahmer’s victims’ bodies arranged in suggestive stances with their backs arched, documenting the process of necrophilia and dissection.

Officer Mueller reportedly went into astonishment after making the horrible discovery and told his colleague, “these are genuine.”

Dahmer was eventually taken into custody by the police while muttering, “For what I have done, I should be dead.”

After that he pleaded guilty to 16 counts of murder and received 16 consecutive life sentences, for a grand total of over 900 years in prison.

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