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AMTD Stock

What Do Analysts Say About AMTD stock IDEA Group (AMTD)? AMTD IDEA Group – ADR (AMTD) Up 6.49%

AMTD IDEA Group (AMTD) has been going up lately, with the most recent price being $2.31. The current price is -82.09% lower than the stock’s 52-week high of $12.90 and 128.71% higher than the company’s 52-week low of $1.01. InvestorPlace published the latest news about AMTD on Aug. 17-22. The article was called “Ride the Wave with AMTD Stock or Get Out of the Way.”

When we look at the last 30 days, we can see that the stock is currently trading -82.09% below its one-month high and +76.34% above its one-month low. AMTD IDEA Group (AMTD) stock has a simple moving average of $1.94 for the last 50 days and $2.18 for the last 5 days.

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Many traders are affected by how the price goes up and down every day. To counteract this effect and keep a close eye on the stock, traders pay more attention to the 200-day moving average. At different times during trading, investors are more likely to use that measure as a strong indicator to figure out their support and resistance levels. AMTD’s SMA-200 is $2.69 right now.

AMTD IDEA Group Earnings – What Happened With AMTD

When it comes to sales and income numbers, publicly traded companies usually report numbers that are close to the average estimates made by Wall Street analysts. However, these numbers could come in above or below estimates, which is called the “surprise factor.” During the three-month period that was reported, the company made $67.71 billion in sales.

AMTD Stock
AMTD Stock

AMTD – AMTD IDEA Group Stock Earnings Estimates

By looking at a company’s 13F filings with the Stock Exchange Commission, investors can find out all the important facts about how institutions own shares in a public company (SEC). There are 210.51 million common shares owned by the public at the moment. There are institutional investors in AMTD, and they own 2.40 percent of the company’s stock.

AMTD IDEA Group: What Insiders Are Doing and What They Own

Liquidity is one of the most important things about a stock, and both short-term and long-term investors pay the most attention to it before they start trading in a stock. AMTD IDEA Group’s debt-to-equity ratio for the last quarter was 0.09. For long-term debt to equity, the number was 47.05.

Technical Analysis of AMTD IDEA Group (NYSE:AMTD) stock

Exploring a stock’s short-, medium-, and long-term technical indicators, as well as its average volume, is a good way to learn more about how trades move and how investors act. When we look at these indicators for AMTD IDEA Group (AMTD), we see that the stock’s average volume over the past 20 days is 32,277,814 shares and that 50% of short-term indicators suggest buying the stock.

It has sold an average of 14,054,128 shares every 50 days. And finally, the average number of shares traded in AMTD over the past 100 days is 7,048,005, and 50% of the stock’s long-term indicators point toward selling.

AMTD IDEA Group – ADR (AMTD) Up 6.49%

AMTD stock ended the day at $2.31, and during pre-market trading, it has gone up $0.15. Since most investors only trade during normal trading hours, pre-market tends to be more volatile than normal trading hours. AMTD has an overall score of 51, which is about average.

This means that the stock is worth more than 51% of other stocks at its current price. The overall ranking system on InvestorsObserver is a thorough evaluation that takes both technical and fundamental factors into account. When investors first start to look at a stock, the overall score is a good place to start. InvestorsObserver’s system for ranking stocks gives AMTD an average Short-Term Technical score of 60.

This means that the stock hasn’t gone up or down much in the last month. AMTD IDEA Group – ADR is currently ranked 94th in the Asset Management industry for its Short-Term Technical score. The Short-Term Technical Score looks at how a stock has traded over the past month. It is most useful for traders who buy and sell stocks and options for a short amount of time.

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