‘Wanted to kill only former Pakistan PM, acted on my own,’ says Imran Khan’s alleged shooter

Imran Khan's alleged shooter

Imran Khan was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital, where he is now in stable condition.
The man accused of shooting and injuring Imran Khan on Thursday evening claimed he wanted to kill the former Pakistan prime minister because he misled people. The alleged shooter also stated in a video statement circulated online, which Hindustan Times was unable to independently verify, that he wanted to kill only Khan and had acted alone.

“Sirf Imran Khan ko maarna tha (I came only to kill Imran Khan)… I did this because he deceives people. I couldn’t take it “the (unidentified) man explained, adding that he had driven up to the rally site on a motorcycle that he had left at a family member’s house.

It’s unclear who shot the video and who put it online.

Last week, the former cricketer led a protest march from Lahore to Islamabad, demanding that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif call snap elections. Khan was deposed as Prime Minister in April after losing a no-confidence vote orchestrated (he claims) by Sharif and the US.

Both the Prime Minister and the US have denied the allegations.

Imran Khan was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital, where he is now in stable condition.

“There was a man in front of the container with an automatic pistol. He let loose a burst. Everyone in the very first row of seats was hit “According to ex-minister Fawad Chaudhry, a senior leader of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

At the time, Chaudhry was standing behind Khan. According to some reports, there were two shooters; one used an automatic rifle and was shot dead.

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