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How Did Trina Newman Die? Retired Minister Cause of Death Explained

Trina Newman Die

Trina Newman Die

A beloved community volunteer, Trina Newman 61, is mourned by family, friends, and local authorities.

What Happened to Trina Newman?

On Christmas Eve, a motorist hit a former clergyman and foster mother in South Los Angeles and drove off. The motorist left the area at around 3:30 p.m., according to the Los Angeles Police Department, as reported by City News Service. The intersection of 88th Street and South Broadway was the scene of the crime. Residents gathered at the scene and confirmed to news crews that Trina Newman had been hit by a car, as shown in the accompanying video.

Trina Newman Cause of Death

On Saturday about 3:30 PM, Trina Newman was presenting presents to local children at a community centre on Broadway near 88th Street when she was hit by a car as she stepped off the ground to get into her car, according to eyewitnesses. It was determined instantly that Newman had passed away.

As family members tried to console one another, police sealed off the area around Broadway. In an effort to reach her, I pushed through the caution tape. To KTLA, Amarrie Nicasio, the victim’s daughter, stated, “I simply couldn’t believe what I heard over the phone.

Her mother was a pastor who, according to Nicasio, took in several foster children. According to Newman’s close friend and pastor, Kenneth Pitchford, everyone is inconsolable right now. Her significance to this community cannot be overstated.

In this case, the police concealed information about the car’s appearance. The driver’s loved ones are keeping their fingers crossed that neighbourhood cameras will help them bring charges against him. She helped everyone she could and gave back to the community in whatever way she could. Nicasio believes that whomever did this should come out and confess because she is a good person.

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