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The Witch Part 2

The Witch Part 2 Release Date | Cast | Plot and Many More!

Do you recall Park Hoon-Korean Jung’s film, which was full of mystery, horror, and action and directed and written by him? The Witch: Part 1 is correct, as you have guessed. Subversion, which was first launched in 2018, was a great hit. So much so that it has won numerous prizes, including Best Film Orient Express at the 39th Fantasporto Film Festival. The film is currently working on its second installment, which will, of course, be a more advanced version of the first.

Everything you need to know about The Witch: Part 2 is right here.

When will The Witch: Part 2 be Released?

The Witch: Part 2 appears to have been revived, with a release date set for somewhere in mid-2022. However, the production has yet to establish a release date.

In case you didn’t know, The Witch: Part 2 is the sequel to The Witch: Part 1. Park Hoon-Jung directed the film The Subversion, which was released in 2018. The Collision, according to several reports, is the title of the second part.

The Witch: Part 2 ended up filming in April of 2021.

The Witch Part 2
The Witch Part 2

If you’re excitedly anticipating the release of The Witch: Part 2, you’ve come to the right place. You are not alone in your excitement for The Collision; fans have been expecting the sequel since the first one was released.

The Witch: Part 2 Cast

Cynthia will apparently play the main character in The Witch: Part 2, with Kim Da-mi perhaps directing another character. While there isn’t much information regarding the sequel yet, we may expect to see Jung Da-Eun as the long-haired girl, Kim Byeong-ok as Police Officer Do, Choi Woo-Shik as Nobleman, Park Hee-soon as Mr. Choi, and others. Do Myung-hee is played by Go Min-si, Teacher Goo is played by Choi Jung-woo, Dr. Baek is played by Jo Min-Su, CEO Sung is played by Lee Joo Won, and Teacher Goo’s wife is played by Oh Mi-hee.

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What will be the plot of The Witch: Part 2? 

We may anticipate the sequel revealing Ja Yoon’s ancestors and possibly learning more about them. If you’ve seen the first part, you’ll know that Ja Yoon pays a visit to Dr. Baek’s sister, where she reveals her idea for finding a permanent solution to her problem. She’s also bothered by a fight she’s having with a mysterious woman who has a scar on her face. The second section focuses on “collusion,” which will most likely be shown in the next section. Dr. Baek’s sister may be the next key antagonist. However, the production has yet to issue an official synopsis.

Is there a trailer for The Witch: Part 2?

No. It may be too early to request a trailer in the absence of an official announcement. We should expect a trailer in June or July, as the picture is set to release in mid-2022.


You should be aware of everything that happens in Part 2 of The Witch. Please forward this message to any friends or family members who love this series. Please keep an eye out for more details!

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