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Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Divorce

Why Are Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Divorced After 25 Years? What is the Status of Their Divorce Now?

Why Are Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Divorced After 25 Years?

Following 25 years of marriage, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have decided to separate.

On Friday, Flavin filed a “for dissolution of marriage and other relief” in Palm Beach County, Florida, on behalf of the Rocky star, now 76.

Stallone and Flavin, both 54 at the time, started dating in 1988 after meeting at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, and eventually tied the knot in 1997.

Scarlet, 20, Sistine, 24, and Sophia, 25 are their daughters. Stallone has a kid, Seargeoh, with ex-wife Sasha Czack. Shared with Starlin Wright, he had a son named Sage, who passed away in 2012.

The actor told PEOPLE, “Having a loving family is very important to me. The private matters at hand are being discussed civilly and dealt with in confidence.”

According to what Flavin told PEOPLE, “Despite our many happy years together, I have decided to divorce my spouse of 25 years, Sylvester Stallone. I know we are both dedicated to our lovely girls despite the end of our marriage, and I will always treasure the more than 30 years we spent together. As we mutually move ahead, please respect our need for privacy during this time.”

The announcement of the divorce petition appeared first in Closer Weekly.

Three months have passed since the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, an event they commemorated with Instagram posts of love for one another.

“Happy 25th anniversary to my lovely wife,” Stallone wrote alongside a photo carousel of himself and his wife. “I wish there were another 25 years to fully express how much this selfless, dedicated, patient woman has improved our lives. I appreciate it, honey.”

Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Divorce
Sylvester Stallone And Jennifer Divorce

Along with a series of her photographs, Flavin penned, “We just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary, so here’s to the next 25 years! I appreciate everything you’ve done to make me smile, love, and keep our wonderful family safe.”

In her final remarks, she said, “Every year of marriage brings us closer together. When we finally get married, I hope it will be the beginning of a long and happy life together.” Since then, Flavin’s update has been removed.

On August 10th, Flavin shared a picture of herself hugging the couple’s three daughters with the remark, “Love these girls so much.” “This group of girls is my number one concern. We are a family of four for life #truth #family #forever.”

Sophia remarked, “You are our rock, cheerleader, and a most incredible mom.” You are a blessing to us and we adore you.

Sistine chimed in, “Strongest woman I know,” and Scarlet only responded with a single heart emoji.

Photos obtained by the Daily Mail appear to show Stallone’s old tattoo of Flavin’s face on his arm covered by a tattoo of his on-screen Rocky dog, Butkus, sparking speculation that the couple had broken up.

What is the Status of Their Divorce Now?

It is all a smear campaign, says Sylvester Stallone’s attorney, and the only reason authorities have said they are considering the s*xual assault accusation against the actor is to placate “the #MeToo generation.” The case was filed against the star on Wednesday.

Attorney Marty Singer told The Post that “the DA’s office in both New York and LA want to get it out there that they’re examining these problems.”

They don’t release statements about everyone who files a police report because “people would get wrecked,” he added. Why bother with the media?” Why not check it out first?

The woman Stallone dated in the early 1990s claims that he s*xually assaulted her. Stallone is 71 years old. On Wednesday, the Santa Monica Police Department turned over the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Singer claims his client is innocent and that all of their s*xual encounters were voluntary. The two became close friends after meeting in Israel during the production of “Rambo III” and kept in touch for several years afterward.

The singer claimed that the two had a s*xual encounter when he was single and that it was entirely voluntary. Nothing happened, though.

Singer claims that the two of them eventually ended their relationship and went their ways and that Stallone never heard from the woman again. Singer claims that she did not come out with the charges until the #MeToo movement gained media attention last year in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein incident.

The attorney stated, “This woman filed a police report when a website declined to publish her tale.” In November, she contacted a website dedicated to celebrity news in hopes of having an article about Stallone published. The lady stated she knew someone who could vouch for her story. A reporter from the website approached the person, and the person said that all of her statements were completely false. The alleged victim was always bragging about her friendship with Stallone, according to witnesses.

Even after the lady filed a report with the Santa Monica police, the website, according to Singer’s account in The Post, still refused to publish her charges.

The singer claimed that there were “two witnesses who came forward and contradicted her story.” One of them was her long-term partner of more than a decade. The only good things she had to say about Stallone were, according to him, that he was the best guy ever. The fact that he slept with a coworker was the only thing that ever made her angry.

According to Singer, though, another website learned of the woman’s police report and ran a piece in December detailing her accusations.

Singer added, “It was outrageous,” describing the story and police complaint as “inappropriate.”

Two independent witnesses approached the police and later came forward to us, attesting that the entire thing was made up. It’s not fair, because she’d already told me how much she appreciated my customer and how close they were.

Stallone was so offended by the woman’s accusations that he hired a private attorney to sue her for making up the entire incident.
Singer remarked that filing a police report “only to get a story out in the media” was inappropriate. It’s a hugely incorrect statement.

Stallone’s lawyer maintained his client’s innocence while pointing out that the statute of limitations had already passed on the claims against his client.

The singer claimed that the woman understood it was too late to press charges even if her narrative were true, which it is not. It’s not right to try to pull a story out of witnesses before filing a police complaint, but that doesn’t mean witnesses shouldn’t make reports.

The singer continued by expressing his dissatisfaction with the DA’s office and local authorities for making public Stallone’s s*x assault case without having all the facts.

The singer stated, “Based on all the circumstances, it’s incredibly frustrating that this would be public.” “It’s completely uncalled for and improper, especially because two impartial witnesses have come out with evidence against her.”

When all is said and done, Stallone’s legal team thinks his accuser will be held accountable and the actor’s reputation will be restored.

Singer asserts that false accusers receive “legitimacy” by filing a complaint and that this justifies taking action against those who do so. “There should be some consequences if someone makes a fake police report and [the accused] is maligned in the media,” Singer said.

That, he clarified, “does not mean there aren’t real police reports.” Unfortunately, more than 90% of them are turned down.

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