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Steve Brown on Eddie Van Halen's Unexpected Death

Steve Brown on Eddie Van Halen’s Unexpected Death: ‘He Was Our Superhero’

Steve Brown spoke about his great bond with Eddie Van Halen.

Brown and Van Halen enjoyed one of the most ideal friendships in the music industry for nearly three decades. As a result, when the latter died, the Trixter guitarist was distraught.

During an interview with Tulsa Music Stream, he revealed more about their friendship.

Brown described Van Halen’s death as “mindblowing” since he and the rest of the world had lost their superman.

“Ed was just the coolest, friendliest, sweetest guy – to me and my family, friends, and everyone,” he added. “And the nicest compliment I always got from him was he [would tell me], ‘Steve, you’re part of the family. ‘My brother and I adore you, guy.’ That was always the most exciting thing.”

The musician also expressed his gratitude to Van Halen. Brown would not be in the music industry if he had never met the late guitarist, whom he described as his single greatest influence.

During the conversation, Brown recounted their first meeting at the 1991 NAM Show. Van Halen apparently presented himself in the simplest way feasible at the time.

Steve Brown, Eddie Van Halen’s Friendship Was Deeper Than Expected

Brown admitted that he and Van Halen did not get close because of their shared love of the music industry.

Brown came to appreciate Van Halen as a witty, kind, and kind person because of their frequent joke exchanges, which replaced repetitive conversations about work.

He regularly boasts about how close they are.

Brown gave an interview to The Rock Shop in the year 2021 as well. He revealed to Ralph that he and the late guitarist had profound discussions about music, recording, and their respective studios.

The most valuable lesson I learned from Ed was to “never stop writing” or “stop making music,” he elaborated. “Also, his standard response was, “I don’t fucking give a shit about the old days.” I’m working on some new tunes. In fact, that was something else.”

Van Halen passed away at the emergency room of the Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, on October 6, 2020. He fought throat cancer for a long time but ultimately lost.

A stroke, pneumonia, lung cancer, and a bone marrow condition called myelodysplastic syndrome were all listed as contributing factors on his death certificate.

Even before he passed away, Van Halen had to battle a number of health difficulties related to digestive troubles.

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