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snake game hacked

Snake Game Hacked

Do you get a nostalgic feeling for old video games? Snake Game is a fun retro game that will transport you back to simpler times and addictive games.

When was the last time you sat down to play a traditional snake game? Do you want to give it another shot? This entertaining game transports you to a time when amazing games were basic yet addictive. So, if you’re a retro gaming aficionado or just looking for a simple game to pass the time, download our free Snake Game and have fun!

snake game hacked
snake game hacked


🐍4 WORLDS: Classic Snake, Retro Snake, Snake on Steroids, and Snake Master
🐍Rewind the snake option
🐍Various boosters to help you progress

How long can you keep your tail from becoming your dinner? Accept the challenge and consume all of the apples! Test all of the snake games within the game and become one of the game’s longest-lasting players to join our hall of fame. Ready? Take a chance!

It’s never been more enjoyable to play classic retro games! Snake Game is a simple game that you may download and add to your list of current amazing games. RETRO GAMES ARE IN, so don’t be shy about joining in on the fun!

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  • #Lines:4464
  • #Actors:108
  • #Costumes:108
  • #Scripts:493

Text Snippets

  • Speed Hacker Snake
  • made by: 22rschuckman. please give credit if you copy.
  • if you hit the body of another slither then you will die. however, if a different slither hits your body then it will die.
  • you can eat the small dots or go after the other slithers (which will give you its food).
  • because it was too easy to get really big, I made it so that if you eat the pulsing red dots you’ll die … so don’t do that.
  • purple slither 2
  • purple slither 3
  • purple slither 4
  • purple slither 5
  • purple slither 6
  • increase da size
  • purple slither 1
  • current direction
  • enemy slither died
  • made by: 22rschuckman
  • enemy slither 2 died
  • you are the red snake
  • you’re the red snake
  • don’t hit the red dots!
  • eat the pink dot to grow extra big.
  • drawing811111111
  • drawing811111121
  • drawing8111111211
  • evil food 811111
  • evil food 8111111
  • evil food 81111111
  • evil food 811111111
  • evil food 8111111111
  • evil food 81111111111
  • evil food 811111111111
  • evil food 8111111111111
  • evil food 81111111111111
  • evil food 811111111111111
  • evil food 8111111111111111
  • evil food 81111111111111111
  • evil food 811111111111111111

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