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redo of healer season 2

Redo of Healer Season 2 Latest Updates: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer(Countdown)

Even though there was a lot of controversy and disagreement after the first season, there has been a lot of demand for Redo of Healer’s second season. Ecchi and harem romances are only hated on the best part of the internet. The people who work in the entertainment industry always like these kinds of stories, and this one is no different.

In this case, Redo of Healer Season 2 has more than just the most obvious parts of the story. It also has a very interesting part of the story. In this case, will there be another season of this dark fantasy show? For some reason, it hasn’t been aired again. With this detailed guide, you can find out what happens next in the movie sequel.

When Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi came out in December 2016, it was a dark fantasy book series called Redo of Healer. It has since been changed to Redo of Healer. Rui Tsukiyo, the founder of the franchise, also started the franchise. Not long after the manga came out in 2017 The first episode of the anime was made by Studio TNK. It aired in January of 2021.

After all these years, there is still a lot of debate about season 2. Only here can fans find out all they need to find out about how the franchise will change in the future.

Redo of Healer Season 1: What Happened

Keyaru, a healing magician, was abused and exploited all the time.

When he grows up, he decides to get back at the people who abused him by going back in time.

To do this, Keyaru uses both his healing powers and the power of the Philosopher’s Stone to help people.

He can take revenge on many people and also use this time to change their memories. In the end, he starts to think about leaving Brannica and taking revenge on the two people who are still there.

redo of healer season 2
redo of healer season 2

Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date

It aired from January 13 to March 31, 2021, and there were 12 episodes. Another person who worked on the show was Takuya Asaoka. He directed the show and wrote it with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu.

A TV version, a “Redo” version, and an uncensored “Complete Recovery” version were all made because of the sensitive nature of the material.

It was shown on a lot of the broadcasters that showed it, but not all of them. All but AT-X had made a full recovery at that time.

Before now, there hasn’t been any official word from the show’s creators about Season 2. To stay in touch with his fans Tsukiyo often posts on Twitter.

Tsukiyo told fans in January 2021 that the second season of the anime could only happen if the Blu-ray or DVD did well. Fans were asked to help boost sales of the original light novels, saying that if they didn’t sell, there wouldn’t be any more anime shows made. This was a few weeks after that.

This surprised him: A streaming service said “Redo of Healer” had more female viewers than the average anime in March 2021, which was a surprise to him!

a few hours after the season 1 finale, Tsukiyo tweeted that season 2 was being thought about and that fans should keep supporting “Redo of Healer” to make it happen.

A lot of anime shows, like “UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie” and “High School DxD,” have been made by TNK. “Redo of Healer” has the talent and resources to make more episodes.

Even though nine volumes were released, only three of the light novels were made for the first season. If the light novels and Blu-ray and DVDs do well, the animation could start again in a year. The second season of “Redo of Healer” is set to air in 2023.

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Redo of Healer Season 2 Cast

We don’t know for sure if there will be a second season of Redo of Healer.

A good chance that some of the original voice actors will return to reprise their roles in season two, given how recently season one came out.

They will, of course, be the same in the TV show, as well. Season 2 might, however, bring in some new characters.

During the first season of Redo of Healer, the voices of a wide range of characters were used. These included Anna, Karman, Keyaru, and Norn Clatalissa Jioral as well as Setsuna and Flare Arl Grande Jornal.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Plot

Kayaru has been given the power to help other people because of this decision. This is what the person thought. He, on the other hand, quickly became a tool for other people. It was too late for the magician to stop him.

Kayaru was detained and will be held in jail for the rest of her life. To travel through time, the magician used the “Philosopher’s Stone.” It took four years to get there. Avenge himself and the people who have hurt him. He doesn’t plan on giving up.

Online reviews say that critics are split on how they feel about the anime. The many sexually graphic scenes in the show, this is a big reason why people don’t like it. Fans of the show, on the other hand, were able to find a lot of good things about it, like a brutal and interesting plot, high-quality animations, and the protagonist’s motivation.

The author of Redo of Healer’s manga was very honest when fans asked about the release date of Season 2. He said that the manga’s success is based on how much people like it. According to Rui Tsukiyo’s comments, the author wants a lot of people to read his book. After all, if the manga sells well enough, it’s very likely that it will keep going.

Tsukiyo fears that if the manga doesn’t get a lot of attention, it might die out soon. He is surprised that the work has even caught the attention of people who don’t know it, as the original version’s creator has said. If you don’t want to think about the second half of last season, the show has been kept going.

Light Novel versus Anime: A Comparison

Anime: The story is based on the 2017 light book adaptation of the series, which was not written by the original author. Nine volumes of the source material have been released to date, and more are coming out. The first season, which was based on these nine books, only used three light novels in it.

redo of healer season 2
redo of healer season 2

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redo of healer season 2
redo of healer season 2

Some people complained about the pace of the show as it went on. If you believe what some people say about the anime, it moved at a slower pace than the original story. The anime, on the other hand, often left out important plot points from the sourcebook.

Neither episode nor the third volume of the series came to an end on a high note. Before Redo of Healer Season, 2 can be shown, six more volumes must be made into movies. A lot of people think there could be two more seasons of this show if TNK Studios keeps making it as they did in the pilot season.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Trailer

However, it may start in 2022. Season 2 of Redo of Healer hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it may start then. This means that there isn’t going to be a season 2 trailer. You can check out the season 1 trailer here.

Redo of Healer Official Social Handles

if you want to stay up to date on what’s happening with Redo of Healer, you can check out their official site, or you can follow them on Fandom.

Redo of Healer Where to Watch

Redo of Healer is available across many websites, and these are some of the websites to watch Redo of Healer.



Just Watch

Anime Bloom

Final Words

You can find out everything you need to know about season 2 here. That was interesting. If you want to hear about new things, stay in touch.

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