Pretty Smart Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – What We Know So Far!

It is a popular American sitcom called Pretty Smart. Comedy, drama, and romance are all present in the Pretty Smart series. The public has given Pretty Smart a positive review.

More information on Pretty Smart’s upcoming second season can be found in the full article.

Pretty Smart Season 2

This series follows the story of a self-proclaimed intellectual who must relocate with both her carefree sister and the eccentric friends of her sister.
The Pretty Smart series was created by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand, respectively. Emily Osment, Gregg Sulkin, Olivia Macklin, Cinthya Carmona, and Michael Hsu Rosen star in the Pretty Smart television series.

Jack Dolgen, Kourtney Kang, Brian Singleton, Doug Mand, Jim Brandon, and Pamela Fryman were the executive producers of the Pretty Smart series.

The Pretty Smart series is produced by Chris Arrington and Caitlin Meares. Each episode of the Pretty Smart television series lasts between 21 and 26 minutes.

Mr. Pants Productions and Kang Rosenblatt Productions collaborated with Max to produce the Pretty Smart series. Netflix’s popular on-demand service has added the Pretty Smart series to its library.

We haven’t heard anything about Pretty Smart’s second season in quite some time. We’ll keep this page updated if there are any new developments in the production of the second season of Pretty Smart.

pretty smart season 2
pretty smart season 2

Greg Trimmer and Mano Agapion collaborated on the Pretty Smart series as did Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand in addition to Brian C. Singleton and Jim Brandon as well as Hailey Chavez and Dan Gregor.

Pamela Fryman, Richie Keen, Phill Lewis, and Jody Margolin Hahn directed episodes of Pretty Smart.

There are ten episodes in the first season of the Pretty Smart series. What’s this? Guess who’s coming? It’s Claire’s sister! Did you hear about Chelsea’s package? You should see this, mommy: Chelsea bumped into Margot. It’s a party for Laura Dern; oh my! Grant had a favor to ask of Chelsea. Tea is here! Boys, Jayden has a potter pup! A Cody Briggs night is in progress.

OMG! is also a part of it. Seriously, Jayden’s mother is back! The problem is that Chelsea has writer’s block.

The number of episodes in the second season of Pretty Smart has not been updated or made public. We’ll update this page if we learn anything new about the number of episodes in the second season of Pretty Smart.

In Pretty Smart’s second season, we saw an East Coast intellectual move in with her carefree sister.

A package from Chelsea’s ex causes havoc throughout the house. The storyline for Pretty Smart’s second season has yet to be announced, which is a shame.

We expect the second season of Pretty Smart to continue in the same vein as the first. Let’s wait and see what happens.

We’ll keep this page updated as soon as we learn of any new information about the second season of Pretty Smart. So don’t forget to return to this page regularly.

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Has Pretty Smart season 2 been announced or not?

Not much is known about the Pretty Smart Season series. However, this should be announced very soon. We’re crossing our fingers that Netflix’s original series Pretty Smart will be renewed for a second season.

Pretty Smart’s debut season was well-received by critics and audiences alike. Because of this, we expect the second season of Pretty Smart to be well-received.
Updates on the second season of Pretty Smart will be posted here if they become available. But before we get into the second season of Pretty Smart, let’s talk about the cast.

Pretty Smart Season 2 Cast

Check out the expected cast of the Pretty Smart Season 2 series below.

  1. Emily Osment as Chelsea
  2. Gregg Sulkin as Grant
  3. Olivia Macklin as Claire
  4. Cinthya Carmona as Solana
  5. Michael Hsu Rosen as Jayden
  6. Geoff Ross as Howard
  7. Kevin Miles as Dave
  8. Raphael Chestang as Michael
  9. Robert Belushi as Johnson
  10. Molly Ephraim as Margot Wainwright
  11. John Gemberling as Cody Briggs
  12. Logan Jennings as Kai
  13. Ming-Na Wen as Jasmine
  14. Jessica Pohly as patron
  15. Dante Swain as Peter
  16. Becky Yamamoto as Irma
  17. Lian Castillo as Dillon
  18. Sarahjeen Francois as Masseuse
  19. Jon Gabrus as Sauna Gary
  20. Felice Heather Monteith as Athena
  21. Alexandra Scott as Jane
  22. Stephanie Styles as Karen
  23. Walter Addison as Older Man
  24. Kyle Jones as Aaron
  25. Brian Kamei as Normandy
  26. Imani Love as Tiffany
  27. Duke Van Patten as Steve
  28. Angela as Alise as Elyse
  29. David Gridley as Topher
  30. Phylicia Wissa as Lizo

Let’s look at the release date of the second season of the Pretty Smart series.

Pretty Smart Season 2 Release Date

For the second season of Pretty Smart, the release date has not yet been given. Once Pretty Smart’s second season has been confirmed, we expect to learn more about its storyline.

The second season of Pretty Smart is expected to premiere sometime in 2022, according to the network. Pretty Smart’s second season may be coming soon, according to rumors. Pretty Smart’s second season may also be available on Netflix, the popular OTT platform.

pretty smart season 2
pretty smart season 2

We’ll update this post if we learn anything new about the upcoming release date for the second season of Pretty Smart. So don’t forget to return to this page regularly.

On the 8th of October in the year 2021, the first season of the television show Pretty Smart will be available. It was made available via Netflix’s on-demand service. Let’s take a look at the new Pretty Smart season 2 trailer.

Pretty Smart Season 2 Trailer

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a trailer for Pretty Smart Season 2. I’m not sure when, but who knows? The Pretty Smart series’ first season trailer can be seen below. September 13, 2021, was the date Netflix released it. There you go.

Please return often to this website to stay abreast of all the most recent information, and don’t forget to save this page for future reference. Keep checking back for more information.

Has Pretty Smart been renewed for Season 2 by Netflix?

Netflix’s official renewal status is Pending (Last updated: 21/10/2021).
Our Prediction for the Future: Cancelation Is Most Likely

Netflix has yet to order a second season of the sitcom, which has been on the air for six months. As a result, given the lapse of time, we’re lowering our renewal prediction to probably canceled.

The show made it into the top ten most popular shows on Netflix’s US list. The show was only in the top ten for a short period, and its highest position was as low as eighth. Aside from South Africa, where it dropped out of the top 10 after just 11 days, the show didn’t seem to be doing much for Netflix’s ratings.

The IMDb MovieMeter, which measures a show’s popularity on the IMDb database, is another piece of data we can examine. As soon as it was released, there was an initial surge in popularity, but it quickly faded.

Following Netflix’s release of the show, Google Trends shows that interest in the show quickly dwindled.

The series also didn’t get great reviews. It has a rating of 5.9 out of 10 on IMDb as of this writing.

What to expect from the second season of Pretty Smart?

In the wake of Claire’s recent breakup with Dave, Grant, who has been dating her sister Chelsea, came home and began kissing her ex, Grant!

There were seconds left before Chelsea would have walked into Claire and Grant’s embrace. Chelsea wants to talk to Claire about her relationship with Grant and whether or not Claire is okay with her sister dating an ex. This makes the situation even more awkward.

As a result, season 2 will continue to focus on the tumultuous romance between Chelsea, Claire, and Grant as its central theme.

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