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Police condemn murder

Police condemn murder of Lagos lawyer and arrest errant officer

On Monday, the Lagos State Police Command issued a statement condemning the death of lawyer Bulan Rahim at the hands of an unnamed police officer in the Aga district of Lagos.

State Police Public Relations Officer SP Benjamin Hundin said in a statement that the culpable officer had been arrested and an investigation into the victim’s death had been begun by the command on Christmas Day.

Hundin described the number of incidents in the Ajah district of the state as too many and claimed that the officer had not followed regular operating procedures. He also said that a review of police rules of engagement will be launched to stop the problem.

Lawyer Bulan Rahim was shot and killed by a police officer in Aja on December 25, 2022, and Commissioner of Police in Lagos State Command Abiodun Allabi has expressed his deepest condolences to his family, friends, and coworkers,” Hundin added.

The errant officer and his squad members have been apprehended under the CP’s orders. The State Criminal Investigation, Yaba, was also tasked with thoroughly investigating the case at the Attorney General’s direction.

Given that a comparable occurrence occurred at the same site less than three weeks ago, this becomes a very high figure. The embarrassing event runs counter to the force’s established operating procedures and rules of engagement and is therefore deeply embarrassing.

After this, the Nigerian Police Force would review its policies and procedures in an effort to prevent future events of similar nature.

According to Hundin, the Lagos State Police Command has asked for calm from the state’s inhabitants since its leaders are in constant touch with the Nigerian Bar Association and other relevant parties to see that justice is served.

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