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Nebraska murder suspect

Nebraska murder suspect captured after months at home

Two persons are arrested for Laurel, Nebraska’s quadruple homicide. Carrie Jones faces one first-degree murder accusation instead of four like her husband and co-defendant.

The Twiford family and Michele Ebeling murders have been revealed since August. We examined court documents, questioned authorities, and attended court proceedings.

The arrest of Carrie Jones last Friday provides the clearest timeline of the August events in Laurel, Nebraska. Many questions remain. What caused these murders?

“Many people comment, ‘You must be relieved.’ And I answered ‘you have no idea,’” recalled neighbour Alan Pallas.

August 4, 2022. Jason and Carrie Jones allegedly killed the Twiford family and Michele Ebeling. Jason Jones was charged alone until Friday.

Closure is coming. “As soon as it goes to the court and we know they’re sentenced to either,” Pallas added. “I’m guessing Nebraska still has the death penalty.”

Court documents and testimony showed Carrie Jones lived in her house from the incident in August until her arrest on Dec. 16. Records say her phone was taken and neighbours got restraining orders against her.

Carrie Jones swore to aiding the Nebraska State Patrol. In a press release, NSP said forensic examination on her seized phone led to her arrest.

Police haven’t revealed a motive, however Carrie Jones spoke with them the day of the event but wasn’t arrested.

Jason Jones, the main suspect, was apprehended at the Jones family home the day after the event. Carrie Jones has been jailed for four months.

A $1 million bond holds her until her court hearing. Jan. 23 is the Cedar County Courthouse date.

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