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Naked And Afraid Season 14

Naked And Afraid Season 14: Release Date Cast + Latest News

Have you ever considered the traditional survival question: What two items would you bring with you if you were abandoned in the wilderness? You probably assumed that clothing was part of the equation by default. For the “Naked and Afraid” participants, however, this was never the case.

“Naked and Afraid” is one of the most bizarre and fierce competition shows on television if not the most bizarre. Two candidates meet for the first time and must live in a severe environment for 14 or 21 days, according to Discovery. To build a shelter, scavenge for food, hunt animals, and obtain water, the two must work together. And they had to do it all while wearing nothing.

According to Amazon Prime, the Discovery Channel hit finished its 13th season in September 2021, with only six episodes. The finale followed two fans in South Africa as they tried a 14-day challenge in the face of cape buffalo, torrential rains, and erratic weather. Of course, the thrilling conclusion only satisfied “Naked and Afraid” viewers for a short time. Viewers are now speculating on how long it will be until Season 14 premieres on Discovery+.

Naked And Afraid Season 14 Release Date

While “Naked and Afraid” is a popular Discovery+ show, fans were concerned that a new spinoff might cause Season 14 to be delayed. On August 29, “Naked and Afraid of Love” premiered (via Amazon Prime).

Naked And Afraid Season 14
Naked And Afraid Season 14

Season 14 did, however, return on February 27. (via Distractify). Fans may expect the following from the next season, according to a statement made by Discovery: “This season sends brave survivalists to places where even the most experienced of ‘Naked and Afraid’ survivalists have had to tap out, from the eerie mountains of Chiapas to an abandoned community in Botswana to a complicated and disturbing cave system in Colombia.” The statement went on to say, “Two survivalists in the middle of a haunted jungle doubt everything when odd happenings occur around them. And when two survivalists come to an abandoned African community, they’ll discover the hard way what drove the people to run and abandon everything.”

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Naked And Afraid Season 14 Cast

Season 14 of “Naked and Afraid” features the most diverse cast in the show’s history, including the first transgender woman to compete (via Distractify). A man with Asperger’s Syndrome will join the cast, and super fans of the program will be thrilled to see the offspring of two All-Star contestants participate in the survival experience. These children will see if they can live up to their parents’ legacy, according to TV Acute.

You might be wondering where the cast of “Naked and Afraid” comes from. In a 2015 interview with Channel Guide Magazine, a casting director disclosed that the show accepts applications through an internet site. According to the same casting director, the number of candidates grows every year, but only a small percentage of them are genuinely qualified for the show.

Everyone who takes part in the show must have a lot of survival experience. Applicants should be able to demonstrate to producers that they can “ignite a fire in more than one way,” for example. They should also be capable of shelter construction and foraging. While finding this kind of contestant isn’t always simple, this season’s group is certainly experienced.

New locations this season

The showrunners of “Naked and Afraid” had to coordinate a massive casting process while also establishing new settings for Season 14. This may seem implausible at this time, given that the programme has already travelled to 35 countries across six continents. Season 14 of “Naked and Afraid” will, according to Discovery, take viewers and competitors to “never-before-seen settings.”

Some of the venues this season may not appear difficult at first, but they will grow more difficult as the show proceeds. “Naked and Afraid XL,” for example, was just filmed in Louisiana’s bayou. “The bayou of Louisiana was harder than any of the previous areas I travelled to,” contestant Matt Wright remarked to People. “Everything in Louisiana wants to kill you,” said another participant, Steven Lee Hall.

COVID-19 limits should also be considered by series fans. Travel restrictions are in place in some nations to prevent tourists from entering or leaving. As a result, Season 14’s shooting locations may have been limited.

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