You are currently viewing Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat | Brings The Universe Back To Order
Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat

Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat | Brings The Universe Back To Order

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has been using Snapchat at an alarming rate as of late. Eventually, Kendall decided to join her carefully contoured and filtered family on the app, much like her sisters Kim and Kourtney had done before her. The youth have been waiting for what seems like an eternity, so it’s about time, Kendall.

Why Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat, Which Brings Order Back To The World?

Who will go next? Kris Jenner is the ideal candidate because she is the type of lady you would want to see enjoying a glass of wine at the lunch hour. The images her daughter took of her as a visitor are unforgettable.

Since Kanye treats signing up for Instagram like he’s running for president, it’s unlikely that he’ll rush into a new social media site while he’s in the thick of his Twitter Renaissance. Yeezy will probably keep making endearing cameos on Kim’s account.

Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat
Kendall Jenner Joins Snapchat

Given that North can categorically deny this possibility, the last sister, Khloe, stands out as the most plausible suspect. The floor is now yours, KoKo. In addition, Kim and Kanye have made their own Carpool Karaoke parody video.

At first, she maintained an air of secrecy while giving her fans a taste of what was to come by tempting them with the idea that they will soon be able to view her Snaps. After keeping her fans waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Jenner eventually revealed that KendallJenner is her Snapchat account.

Kylie made an immediate appearance to remind everyone that she is a member of the royal family after seeing that Kendall’s favourite Snapchat emoji is an angel. So that no one would ever forget that Kendall is a member of the royal family, this was done.

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