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keke palmer pregnant

Keke Palmer Announces Pregnancy During ‘SNL’ Hosting Debut

When asked about her connection with Darius Jackson, the Nope actress has remained largely mum.
We now know that Keke Palmer is expecting a child.

The 29-year-old actress announced she and her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, are expecting their first child together during her first weekend as host of Saturday Night Live.

People have been commenting on my posts saying things like “Keke is having a baby, Keke is pregnant,” and I just want to put the record straight and declare that I am really pregnant. On the Studio 8H stage, Palmer gasped as she tore off a heavy jacket to expose her expanding baby belly.

“Having said that, I will say that it is unfortunate when people on the internet spread rumours about you all, but it is even more unfortunate when those rumours turn out to be true. I mean, I really was trying to keep it quiet because, you know, I’ve got a lot going on.” She went on. “… But in all candour, this has been the greatest boon, and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, guys, I’m going to have a baby and raise them.”

keke palmer pregnant
keke palmer pregnant

For Palmer’s part: “The fact that I was a child actor may make some people uncomfortable with the idea of me having children, but I’m 29 years old, I’m a fully functioning adult, I’ve had my fair share of sex, I’m a homeowner, and I stormed the Capitol on January 6, so there. Adult activities.”

When asked about her relationship with Jackson, Palmer has remained largely evasive. On The Tamron Hall Show last November, she discussed making things “Instagram official” with Jackson, though she has since deleted the photos featuring her boyfriend.

Choosing to share images of herself with Jackson at the time made it “more harder to disguise,” she added. Since I am so close to him and we spend so much time together, I decided I couldn’t keep a secret that made me happy any longer.

Ultimately, this is somebody that is significant to me, so why not, Palmer said. “It’s not going to be everything you see, my work is my job.”

Palmer remarked that Jackson is “quite industry-adjacent” in his description of him.

To paraphrase, “he’s extremely business-adjacent,” which means he knows it but that’s not what he’s about, whereas “I’ve always been somebody that hasn’t wanted too much industry stuff in my life,” she said.

In the same month, the Nope star and her boyfriend Jackson posted a TikTok video in which she holds up a fan to cover their lips as they kiss. She captioned the video, “Lady miss takes what she WANTS.”

Palmer explained to Harper’s Bazaar in March 2020 why she prefers to keep her dating life under wraps.

She told the media, “I don’t really do relationship stuff online, mainly because I don’t know how I would do it without looking, like, cheesy or something. “Yes, I’m being honest with you; nevertheless, there are some things I keep private for my loved ones.”

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