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julia morris divorce

Julia Morris quit sex following her divorce

After divorcing her spouse Dan Thomas earlier this year, popular comedian Julia Morris has said she is done having sexual relations.

Known for his work on I’m a Celebrity… After divorcing spouse Dan Thomas earlier this year, Get Me Outta Here anchor Julia Morris has said she is sexually exhausted.

She replied on the Kyle and Jackie-O show, “I believe I’ll shut up shop. ” when asked if she was ready to go back out and start dating again. I no longer want to put down any kind of permanent roots.

Kyle, taken aback, questioned Morris if she still engages in self-pleasuring behaviour. “Sometimes,” she said, “if I can be bothered,” adding, “Who’s got the time? I need to do the laundry!

Morris divorced her husband Dan Thomas after 16 years of marriage last year, and since then, the 54-year-old has made no secret of her enjoyment of the benefits of single life.

julia morris divorce
julia morris divorce

She said on the Sooshi Mango Saucy Meatballs podcast, “We’re in a wonderful situation thank God ’cause I’m hearing horror stories about [divorce], but, my god, the freedom.”

I don’t mean to boast, but gosh, it’s all you’ve ever imagined it would be.

Morris said, “I have been renovating my house, okay, and I have turned the bedroom from top to bottom pink and fluffy.”

The other day, I invited two of my buddies over, and when they arrived, one of them said, “Hey, I’m soft.”

Intended Meaning: No jizzing allowed in this building. The acronym “JFC” stands for the “jizz free zone” concept, which Morris actually created.

Morris ranked at #83 on the 2022 ‘Maxim Hot 100’ list of Australia’s most beautiful and intelligent people.

Santi Pintado, editor-in-chief of Maxim, remarked that the 2018 list “continues to highlight the remarkable women who, this year, have affected, impressed, or impacted us with their aptitude, brilliance, humour, headlines, sassiness, and overall mega-talents.”

The 2022 Maxim Hot 100 list “covers a brilliantly wide field that won’t disappoint our dedicated followers and all Australians alike,” he continued. “From athletes to actresses, comediennes to TV personalities, singers to politicians, and news presenters to models and influencers.”

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