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Jennette McCurdy's Boyfriends

Jennette McCurdy’s Boyfriends: All We Know about the ‘iCarly’ Star’s Love Life

Despite being honest about her hardships, fans of Jennette McCurdy, a child star renowned for her role as sardonic best friend Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly,” want to know more about her romantic life.

The acting wasn’t something Jennette McCurdy ever enjoyed doing, so in 2018 she decided to give it up and focus on writing and directing instead. Her short films have since been featured at several festivals.

The child actress began her career when she was just six years old and has since starred in a wide variety of films and television shows, including “Mad TV,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Medium,” “Judging Amy,” “Hollywood Homicide,” “Will and Grace,” and many more.

She didn’t grow up with a passion for acting, but she was motivated to pursue it after seeing Harrison Ford in “Star Wars” and realizing she would have to help support her family by the time she was 10.

When she earned the role of iCarly when she was only 15, it became her breakthrough role and made her a household name. Fans of the original series wanted to see more of McCurdy’s character after it ended, so a spin-off series called “Sam and Cat” was developed, but it was canceled after a single season.

McCurdy’s admirers adored her on-screen persona, but she admitted to feeling unhappy and resentful. In an episode of the podcast “Empty Inside,” she discussed her personal life and revealed:

Even thinking about the work I’ve done as an actor makes my heart race and makes me feel like I could cry; it’s the one thing I’m most ashamed of in my life.

Fans of the show have told her that she had a profound impact on their childhoods, but she has always responded by saying that she finds it “wonderful” that they had that experience but that it was “not hers.”

McCurdy’s confidence and mental health took a major hit, and the memory of what happened continues to trouble her. Due to her feelings of hatred and dissatisfaction, she decided to leave the acting profession.

McCurdy may have stopped performing, but he certainly didn’t disappear from show business. Since she has been linked to several different celebrities, her admirers are constantly interested in learning more about her personal life, especially who she is now seeing.


McCurdy was rumored to be dating actor Graham Patrick Martin in 2004, although the two have never commented on the rumors. Their relationship lasted until 2008 when they reportedly broke up.

Martin attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, so he can act and produce as well. His works include “Catch-22,” “Major Crimes,” and “Two and a Half Men.”

McCurdy had an alleged relationship with “iCarly” guest star Max Ehrich between 2010 and 2011. The actor tweeted in 2016 that despite the allegations, they were simply friends.

Ehrich attended the Professional Performing Arts School of New York and is a trained singer, dancer, and actor. The Young and the Restless, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and Under the Dome all feature him prominently as a cast member.

McCurdy had her first serious relationship from 2011 to 2013 with “iCarly” writer Paul Glaser, who was 13 years her senior. The actress, who began dating him when she was only 18, commented,

“People would remark ‘What a weirdo to have had an eye on her for so long.’ but they didn’t know the complete situation, so they’d write very unpleasant things about him online.”

When she learned that her mother’s cancer had returned and spread to her brain, spine, sinuses, and lymph nodes, the two were already dating.

McCurdy felt guilty at the time since she knew her mother did not have a long life expectancy and she had shifted her devotion to someone else. Her mother’s decline caused her to break up with Glaser. Here’s what she chimed in with:

I was afraid of putting too much of myself into another person and becoming too attached, so I knew I had to suffer through that grief on my own.

When I asked her about her loss and the reality she was facing, she said she was afraid I would internalize them. McCurdy’s mother passed away in September 2013.

Jennette McCurdy's Boyfriends
Jennette McCurdy’s Boyfriends


McCurdy began dating NBA player Andre “Renee” Drummond not long after the loss of her mother. She said that he started trying to woo her online somewhere in the summer of 2013 and that his persistence ultimately won her over and led to a date.

Their romance lasted about a week before she recognized it was doomed to fail. A fan said that they were the “most strange celebrity pair she’s seen in a while” after learning of their relationship.

McCurdy was not into the connection, and she made that clear during the first kiss, which another fan remarked left her puzzled. Here’s what she chimed in with:

“After we went laser tagging, I stood on a chair and we had our first kiss, but it wasn’t very good. There were no sparks, and the mouth… the forms weren’t right.”

Their relationship ended quickly but not without controversy. After McCurdy said on the “You Made It Weird” podcast in 2014 that Drummond was a bad kisser, the personal photos of the couple were published online.

The actress went on Twitter after the release to make an indirect accusation against Drummond. Here’s what she chimed in with:

I’m shocked that someone would dive so low, and I just talk candidly, so I apologize if I’ve let anyone down by sending those photos to just one individual.

Drummond, who has rejected the allegations, responded to the rumors on Twitter, writing:

Thank you for your interest in basketball, but I assure you that despite rumors to the contrary, I am not involved in any leaks.

Even after all these years, there are still people on Twitter who can’t believe they were dating. A player commented, “I refuse to forget this bug in the simulation; Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond genuinely dated.”


The last time McCurdy was in a relationship was in 2015 when she started seeing her co-star at the time, Jesse Carere. After being together for almost a year in 2016, the actress deleted all PDA-filled photos of her and her boyfriend from her social media accounts, much to the dismay of their admirers.

McCurdy had kept her personal life under wraps for several years, so no one knows what exactly went wrong in her relationship with her boyfriend. After deciding he wanted to be an actor, Carere landed a role in MTV’s adaptation of “Skins” in 2011.

McCurdy seems to be doing well even though she is single as far as anyone knows. She starred in the 2018 short film “The First Lady,” which was her final movie performance.

She’d rather direct and write her short films and work on her mental health than act in them. In 2019, she launched the film “Strong Independent Women,” which is about eating disorders, a topic with which she is experienced.

McCurdy finally came out as bulimic in 2019 to raise awareness for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Her mother and the food business both contributed to the development of her eating disorder when she was 11 years old.

The actress who defines success on her terms announced that she had been in maintenance for two years, that she was finished acting, that she was focusing on her short films, and that she was producing a podcast.

In July of 2020, McCurdy released her podcast, titled “Empty Inside.” Comedy, self-doubt, filmmaking, counseling, envy, “disordered eating,” and the crippling sense of dread we all feel as we desperately strive to fill the vacuum within are just some of the tough issues she and her guests discuss regularly.

The former child star who says she would always be an actress in her heart has not ruled out returning to the performing industry. The only way Jennette McCurdy would consider acting again was to work with a director she respected.

McCurdy has also published a second short film, named “Kenny,” about a guy who takes care of his dying mother. Her 2017 film “The McCurdys” was inspired by her own experiences as a child actress who hated her work.

For the time being, she finds the most fulfillment in presenting stories from the director’s chair, where she can exercise control and creativity over the final product.

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