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Iranian forces kill man

Iranian forces kill man celebrating country’s World Cup loss, activists say

As mass anti-government protests continue in Iran, human rights groups based outside the country reported that an Iranian man, a childhood friend of a midfielder on the country’s World Cup squad, was killed by Iranian state forces while celebrating the country’s loss to the United States in the World Cup this week.

The Iran Human Rights (IHR) organisation based in Oslo reports that on Tuesday night, 27-year-old Mehran Samak was shot in the head while celebrating in the city of Bandar Anzali in the country’s northwest. Samak was apparently shot dead by security forces as he blew his car horn in solidarity with revellers in cities across Iran, according to the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a New York-based organization.

Car horns can be heard being blasted in celebration across the country in videos uploaded to social media late Tuesday, which may be seen as a jab at Iran’s ruling elite following the team’s loss.

The Washington Post was unable to confirm the details surrounding Samak’s death on their own. One member of the Iranian national soccer team, who posted a picture of himself and Samak from their childhood and wrote that they were “childhood team mates,” expressed sadness at Samak’s passing.

Saeid Ezatolahi expressed his hope that they could have stayed young forever in an Instagram post. The news of your death hit me especially hard after last night’s heated game.

On Wednesday, the Center for Human Rights in Iran published what it said was footage from Samak’s funeral, which featured mourners chanting anti-government slogans including “death to the dictator.”

In the wake of the September death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, in police custody, the refrain, which refers to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has become a staple of the protests that have engulfed the country.

Amini was imprisoned by morality police for reportedly not wearing her hijab correctly, and she died three days later. Protests erupted in response to the case, with initial anger directed at Iran’s conservative Islamic dress code but swiftly expanding to include opposition to the government.

The Young Journalists Club, an Iranian news agency connected to the country’s state broadcaster, stated on Thursday that Samak’s body had been discovered in Bandar Anzali, where “rioters” had assembled. The website quoted an unnamed local police official as saying that Samak was slain with a “hunting weapon” and that multiple suspects had been apprehended.

In response to the protest movement, Iran has begun a savage crackdown, which it has blamed on foreign countries without giving evidence of a relationship.

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency, 459 individuals have been killed in the anti-government demonstrations.

On Wednesday, another group, the Oslo-based IHR, expressed alarm that some protestors were at risk of being executed at any moment. They added that six people had already been given death sentences and that another 26 were facing accusations that may lead to execution, citing news articles.

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