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hell fest 2

Hell Fest 2 Release Date: Is Coming or Not ? (Latest Updates)

Slasher movie at a theme park. This movie is coming out in 2018. As a result of poor box office, a follow-up to Hell Fest isn’t very likely to happen.

Slasher movie at a theme park. This movie is coming out in 2018. As a result of poor box office, a follow-up to Hell Fest isn’t very likely to happen. It’s not very common anymore to see a slasher movie made by a studio and shown in a theatre. There are a lot of indie slashers that are only released in small amounts, on VOD, or home video, but most horror movies now are supernatural. There was also Hell Fest last year. People didn’t seem to care.

Despite getting good reviews for a slasher movie, which mainstream critics have always found disgusting, Hell Fest only earned $18.2 million at the box office, which isn’t a lot of money for a movie. Even though the movie had a $5.5 million production budget and extra marketing costs, it’s not likely that it made money, or at least not enough money to justify a sequel. This, even though Hell Fest had a pretty good hook for a sequel.

Is The American Movie Hell Fest 2 On Its Way?

Many people want to see the slasher movie Hellfest, even though there aren’t many people who like it. So, because so many people are excited about the second part, we’ve put together a detailed tutorial to help you.

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hell fest 2
hell fest 2

Hell Fest 2

The fifth book in the “Blood on my Hands” series, which came out on September 28, 2018, is called “Freakshow.” The young hero, Orion (Tristan Lake Leaman), wants to see his new family in Toronto with his father after an accident on their farm forces them to move. This is the story. This movie, was made by Gregory Plotkin and was released by CBS Films and Lionsgate through the company.

It’s about eight high school students who are on their way to a Halloween party called “Hell Fest” when they become the target of a killer.

Hell Fest 2 Trailer

Hell Fest 2: Is It Going to Happen or Not? 

When the first part of Hellfest comes to an end, Natalie and her best friend, Brooke, are protected by police even though her friends were killed by the killer.

As soon as “The Other” removes his mask, he hides a terrible secret about him. He puts it in a case with other masks. He also gave a little girl a plush toy that he got from his father (perpetrator). He wears different masks to different parks.

Because it answers many of the questions that were raised in the movie, this ending isn’t very satisfying. Next, what will happen? It’s not clear whether Brooke and Natalie can find the killer. They’ll have to figure out what to do to get him. What would happen to the person who was so dangerous?

Part two of Hellfest will address all of them. However, there haven’t been any official statements about how the sequel is going to be made yet.

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When will Hell Fest 2 be released?

The first Hellfest was held in September 2018. The movie didn’t do well at the box office, but people didn’t like it. The movie made $18 million in the United States and Canada, for a total gross of $7.9 million, on a $5.5 million production budget, so it made a lot of money.

A sequel was not made, even though the profit from the extra marketing money outweighed the costs. However, the story isn’t over yet. As a result, there will be a second part to this talk.

It’s not clear when Hellfest 2 will come out, but because of the Covid pandemic, we might expect it to come out in 2023 or later.

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The Cast of Hell Fest 2

Chances are that the producers won’t change their minds, but even if they do, the old cast will come back. If Hellfest 2 is going to have the same cast as the first one, it will almost certainly be the same people.

So, here is a complete list of the previous cast members-

  • Amy Forsyth as Natalie
  • Brooke is played by Reign Edwards in the movie.
  • Taylor Ann Smythe, played by Bex Taylor Klaus, is a human.
  • Christian James as Quinn
  • Asher was played by Mercurio.
  • Roby Attal as Gavin
  • Todd played the part of The Barker.
  • Security Guard is played by Michael Tourek.
  • Courtney Dietz as Britney
  • The Other by Stephen Conroy
  • The Other’s Daughter was played by Elle Graham.
  • The Park Owner, played by John DiMaggio, is extremely creepy.

A frightful adventure in the second sequel to the horror hit The House of Horrors.

The game Hellfest 2 hasn’t been made public yet, but it’s almost certain to be out there. The second part would pick up where the first one left off, focusing on Natalia’s fight against the killer.

There is a killer. Will the cops be able to find the killer? What will they do after they catch the killer? What would happen to the murderer at the end? In the sequel to Hellfest, there will be a lot more things for you to think about.


According to Metacritic (26 percent), Rotten Tomatoes (39 percent), and IMDb (26 percent), the movie Hellfest didn’t do very well with the public (5.5 out of 10).


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You can just wait for the manufacturer to say whether or not it is coming or not. You can keep up with us to get the most up-to-date news about the Hellfest sequel.

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