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haikyuu season 5 release date

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date Countdown Start Begin!

a mystery countdown has been set on the Haikyuu! the official website that could potentially disclose the release date for Season 5. On the other hand, the details of this countdown are still hazy, and we’ll have to wait until Aug. 14 to find out what occurs. The Twitter countdown can be found here:

Haikyuu! Since the fourth season aired in 2020, there hasn’t been any information or updates on Season 5, which left spectators with a cliffhanger of the long-awaited Dumpster Battle between Karasuno and Nekoma. Next up will be a volleyball match in the Spring Tournament, so keep an eye out for that.

Fortunately, further information about the upcoming season’s release has emerged, including this clue in a Collabo Cafe article:

To commemorate the conclusion of Season 5’s Dumpster Battle, a Nekoma Festival will be held on August 12 at a cafe in Tokyo and Osaka (similar to the countdown on the website). Haikyuu! Day, which takes place on Aug. 19, is an occasion for anime fans to exhibit their affection and support for the series.

Is the countdown to Season 5’s official announcement based on all of these factors? Only time will tell, and we can’t wait to learn more about the release date when it finally arrives. Until the countdown ends, you may keep an eye on Twinfinite for further details.

Haikyuu Season 5 Overview

Name of the SeasonHaikyuu
Season NumberSeason 5
Haikyuu initial Release DateApril 6, 2014
Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date2022
Haikyuu Season 5 CharactersKaito Ishikawa and Yu Miyazaki

Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date and Time

Season 5 of Haikyuu will only be available following its formal announcement, according to a recent story published by Collabo Cafe. There is a collab menu for Haikyuu S5 that is inspired by the basketball contest between ‘Karasuno High vs. Nekoma High’.

Season 5 of Haikyu is expected to be completed by the end of 2022 if the story is true. If so, we may expect a new season of Haikyu to premiere in March 2023. As with prior seasons, there will be a total of 12 episodes.

Crunchyroll and the original network in Japan will air new episodes every week. After the release of the English subbed version outside of Japan, the English dubbed version will also be accessible.

The first season premiered in 2014, the second in 2015, the third in 2016, and the fourth in 2020. After a hint in December 2020, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of a fifth season, but the show’s makers have supplied no specific timetable. According to reports, the Haiyuu production crew is excited to begin work on Season 5 for MBS.

However, a few stories claim that the delay was due to production concerns and that the studio was awaiting the return of the key crew after they had completed their other projects. Let me tell you why the delay occurred.

haikyuu season 5 release date
haikyuu season 5 release date

Why is Haikyuu taking so long to return for another season?

While we adore Tobie, Hinata, and the other male anime characters, the animation process is time-consuming, and you’d be surprised to learn that many of the animators who work on our favorite sports comedies are given pitiful salaries.

Even though the series is raking in money, the actual heroes behind the scenes are getting no compensation. Keeping up with the high expectations for Haikyuu Season 5 is another major problem for designers.

According to industry insiders we spoke with, the animators working on Haikyu are underpaid and forced to work increasingly long hours to meet deadlines.

An animator can only earn $540 a month if they draw 300 frames a month, which works out to about 3000 frames in one episode.

This is the brutal reality of the series: sketching 300 pages in a month is quite difficult, especially for inexperienced artists.

The studio also dismissed an animator because he created an erotic scene without their permission. Because of this, Haikyuu Season 5 may be taking a long time to air.

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Where to watch the Haikyu anime series?

Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks in the United States, Animatsu Entertainment in the United Kingdom, Medialink in Southeast Asia, and Madman Entertainment in Australia have the rights to air the show, while the original Japanese broadcaster, MBS, will continue to air it in Japan.

Animax Asia is an English-language network. If a new season of Haikyuu is released, it will be made available on the various platforms in the regions where it is legal.

Haikyu!! Cast

  • Kaito Ishikawa as Tobio Kageyama
  • Ayumu Murase as Shoyo Hinata
  • Jun Nazuka as Aran Ojiro
  • Hideaki Kabumoto as Osamu Miya
  • Yuu Hayashi as Ryunoksuke Tanaka
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Ittetsu Takeda
  • Ryusei Nakao as Tanji Washijo
  • Yu Miyazaki as Sachiro Hirugmai
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Yu Nishinoya
  • Mamuro Miyano as Atsumu Miya
  • Nobuyori Sagara as Hisashi Kinoshita
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Asahi Azumane

Haikyuu Season 5 Official Trailer

Season 5 of Haikyuu!! hasn’t had an official trailer released yet, but there are several YouTube snippets that you may enjoy. You’ll laugh so hard your stomach hurts when you see Hinata and his amusing antics.

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What will happen in Haikyuu Season 5?

Immediately following the events of Season 4, the storyline of Haikyuu will continue in Season 5. Nekoma will be Karasuno’s first opponent on his new high.

The national championships may be the place where Hinata and Nekoma High meet for the first time. Because it’s a quarterfinal matchup between the two best teams, that’s going to be a big game. We’ll pay close attention to the encounter between Kejayama and Hinata as well.

A high school volleyball team and its members are constantly at the center of every narrative. While we met Hinata in the final episode of season 4, we saw that he was unhappy after missing the goal opportunity and now regrets the chance that led to his team’s loss in the match.

If he ever did this again, Tobie threatened him with dismissal, as well. However, after seeing Korai jump, Kagayema was certain that something had misled Hinata. Will Hinata be able to become a decent anime boyfriend, or will he just go away to avoid bothering the girl again?

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