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google snake game

Google Snake Game Easter Egg: How To Play & Rules Explained

Google has been continually surprising its users with new games and gimmicks on its applications and websites for several years. People on the internet are always eager to participate in these fun Easter Egg hunts. Having explored the Atari Breakout Easter egg, we are now presented with one that pays homage to the timeless classic Snake, a game that has been played by nearly everyone at some point.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, Snake was one of the first games available. Because of the game’s basic idea, which requires players to spend hours caring for a cartoon snake and seeing it expand in size, its appearance should be recognizable.

Google is giving you the opportunity to play the classic game Snake, which you have probably not touched in years (for free). Furthermore, it will cause a strong sense of nostalgia and a feeling of being transported back in time for those of you who are a bit older. In fact, the classic game will bring back good memories for anybody who owned a Nokia phone in the late 1990s or early 2000s. No one could have predicted that even after all these years, it would still be a good time.

Like most Google products, Google Snake is largely similar to previous iterations, with a few tiny tweaks here and there. However, it is still a good time, just like the original.

What is Snake?

David Shin and Taro Igarashi developed a video game named “Snake” in the early 1980s. It was widely played in arcades throughout the world since it was one of the first video games to use a scrolling screen.

To win, you must guide a snake through a maze while it consumes food pellets and grows in length. To gain even more size, the player can consume other snakes.

google snake game
google snake game

As a straightforward game, Snake has widespread appeal. It’s compatible with a wide range of gadgets, from smartphones to desktop PCs. In the year 2022, numerous different variations of the game Snake can be found online.

How to Play the Google Snake Game

The Snake game may be played on desktop and mobile browsers, as well as on Android and iOS smartphones, thanks to its integration with Google Maps. If you want to play Snake, all you have to do is go to (or search for “play Snake” on Google) on your browser. This link works on Apple and Google mobile devices.

To begin playing, visit Google Maps and look for the 8-bit snake characters that dot the map, and click the large “Start” button. It’s time to move on to Step 2 now, which is pressing the button.

In this Google-ized take on Snake, you instead choose a subway car before the game even begins. Tokyo, London, Cairo, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, and the World are some of the places you can select from to navigate to (again, in 8-bit style). The look of each train changes depending on where you go.

Once you’ve decided where to play Snake, you may begin. Following each player’s turn, the game displays that player’s final score.

How to Win at Snake

In spite of what you may have heard, Snake may be finished. Although this seems impossible, a Russian gamer actually submitted a GIF on a forum as proof of his triumph. The snake travels through 6372 cells in the shortened 13-minute film, eating 100 pellets and growing 796 cells longer for a grand total of 801.

It appears the final line says, “And now we’ll play a cartoon film. Creating a link to the server… Not related at all. Thanks. Everyone is at liberty.

How to Play the Other Version of the Snake Game

When you do a Google search for “Snake Game,” this version will come up first. Simply selecting the “Play” button will launch your journey. You may personalize the experience by choosing the type of snake and the fruit it will be eating from a menu of options. These can be found in a wide range of styles and hues.

Rules for the Google Maps Snake Game

Exactly like the original game, you use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to guide the snake in the desired direction (user input keys).

Once the train is moving, you can play Snake by selecting the human-animated passengers. The goal is to load as many people onto the train as possible before it either runs out of track or crashes.

If the game freezes, it’s over and your score will be displayed. You can now choose to play again, leave, or send your best scores to friends on Google+ or via email and a link.

Other Google Easter Egg Games

Google has some other hidden arcade games worth checking out including:

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