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Fuslie And Edison Split

Why Did Fuslie And Edison Split From Their Twitch Stream?

In April of 2019, Edison Park, a Twitch streamer, had recently finished a record-breaking 30-day broadcast when he proposed another Twitch broadcaster named “Fuslie.” However, after two years of dating and streaming together, the pair split up.

Leslie “Fuslie” Fu is a member of the band 100 Thieves as well as a streamer in her own right. She appeared on screen with her lover Edison Park following his month-long stream during a broadcast in April of 2019.

Park had just accomplished a month-long marathon of 541 hours, 7 minutes, and 54 seconds of streaming. He said that his body had virtually “shut down” as a result of his lack of sleep and incessant broadcasting.

Park proposed to Leslie in a beautiful moment that had the entire internet watching intently near the end of his life, which shattered records for its length… However, Leslie revealed in October 2021 that she and her ex-fiancé were no longer in a romantic relationship.

The Surprising News Of Fuslie And Edison Park’s Breakup Was Announced

Fuslie admitted in a Twitlonger post on October 13 that she and Edison had split up a month before her post, but that they had delayed announcing because they “weren’t 100% sure about it.”

“We ended on the best possible terms that we possibly could,” she added, “and we want nothing but the best for one other.” “Just know that we love each other a lot, but we’ve grown apart to the point where we both believe splitting up is the best thing for us.” “Just know that we grew apart to the point where we both believe that splitting up is the best thing for us.”

Leslie and I have had the most fantastic adventure together over the last 5.5 years, and I wouldn’t exchange that time for anything…. we both feel it’s for the best and has nothing but love for each other.” Park also tweeted about the breakup, writing, “Leslie and I enjoyed the most beautiful journey over the previous 5.5 years together and I wouldn’t exchange that time for anything.”

Fuslie And Edison Split
Fuslie And Edison Split

Both streamers asked their followers to respect their privacy and stated that they will not be giving any additional information about the causes of their breakup. Following the sudden and unexpected breakup, a large number of fans and other content creators reached out to express their love and sympathy for one another. Fuslie later discussed the end of her relationship with Edison on a Twitch stream.

In that stream, she admitted that she and Edison should have “broken it off sooner,” but she felt relieved after the breakup, characterizing it as a “weight being lifted.” “We didn’t confront or admit it until we sat down and talked about it in-depth,” she continued. “At the end of the day, what matters is that we drifted apart.”

“It’s clear that we never called off our engagement in that manner. Numerous conversations occurred, some of which were repeated. Following the surprise news, the couple has received a lot of love on Twitter, and we want to send them our best wishes for the future.

Fuslie And Edison Confirm Dating Rumors After A Surprise Twitch Stream

Unfortunately, the reports are just that, hearsay, and not fact. The two people, who seemed confused by the suggestion being discussed, acted quickly to dispel the notion that they had made up.

A reuniting is not in the cards, Edison stressed. He explains that they’re out to prove that “just because you split up doesn’t mean it has to be anything bad or done with evil motives or anything like that.” including extra words.

Our situation is ideal. Fuslie jokes that her fans require “copium” to understand the news, and the audience joins in on the laughter. As if that weren’t enough, Edison proposed taking a trip during which he would “disappear” for an entire month. Specifically, Fuslie encouraged him to go “backpacking”

Seemingly still on cordial terms, these two Twitch personalities are trying to model the perfect breakup: amicable, mutually respectful, and with the possibility of reconciliation between the former partners. Their breakup was surprising, but it seems like these two Twitch stars are still on good terms.

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