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Isha And Michael

Are Isha And Michael Still Together From Twentysomethings?

The Netflix reality shows Twentysomethings Austin follows a group of eight strangers as they live together for a week in a house in Austin, Texas, and talk about the ups and downs of their individual lives. Actors are free to explore their creativity, find their true selves, and have a good time in this rule-free home.

The first six episodes of both 6-episode seasons of “Twentysomethings Austin” have already been made available on Netflix. Eight people were living there, with Isha Punja and Michael Fractor having one of the most promising relationships. What, though, happened once the show was over?

Isha Punja

Following her graduation from Berkeley College with a degree in economics, Isha Punja, with the help of her parents, launched her clothing line. Despite her confidence in her wit, she admits, “Oh, I say things that can come across as a little ditzy from time to time.”

She uprooted her life and moved to Texas so she could provide better service to her company. With her company, Hut Mentality, she brings in Indian spices. Handmade by artisans in small towns across India, each of her pieces is a unique creation. New York Fashion Week featured her collections, and British Vogue gave her a lot of attention.

austin cast
Austin cast

Michael Fractor

Michael Fractor hopes to launch a successful career as a stand-up comic. Back in 2021, he started looking into it seriously as a possible new line of work. To better pursue this objective, he moved to Austin. He has a very stodgy sense of humor, full of dad jokes. “Try to picture being Jewish and weird,” he said.

My family and I are included in that group. As a result of my mother, I always feel guilty whenever I sneeze. Then he elaborated, “We got a dog right before I came here.” It was my responsibility to take care of the puppy, but every time we talk on the phone, she brings it up again.

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Michael and Isha’s Twentysomethings: Austin Journey

Michael There wasn’t any sparks flying between roommates Aaron Fractor and Isha Punja right away because they were both intent on learning more about each other. After talking to Bruce Stephenson, the latter decided to change her mind about never dating within the group for fear of complications.

Although Michael was being flirted with by Raquel Daniels, he went on several dates with other women before he realized it. The commotion subsided, though, and the story of Isha and Michael began.



Upon receiving clearance, Isha told Raquel that she found Michael attractive because he was “the cousin of her type.” The two then went out for tacos and had a relaxed but bold conversation that led to them agreeing to go on their first date.

Michael then took Isha’s mini-golfing, where he made her laugh hysterically and gave her the chills with some corny but cute dance movements. She didn’t care that he was a virgin, he made her breakfast in bed as he’d promised, and he passed her mother’s “vibe check,” so it was almost certain that they would end up together.

Are Isha And Michael Still Together?

Cast members of the Twentysomethings Austin episode developed romantic feelings for one another on set. These actors include abbey Humphreys and Kamari Bonds, and Isha Punja and Michael Factor. Instead of developing an emotional attachment to one another, Abbey and Kamari ended up as romantically linked friends.

While Isha Punja and Michael Fractor were laying the groundwork for a relationship, Michael decided to leave Austin and return to California to focus on his career as a stand-up comedian before they could make their relationship official.

Following the convention, some of the twentysomethings in Austin went back home, while others made Austin their permanent home. After the program concluded, they were no longer able to stay in Austin and were forced to make choices about their future careers.

Following Michael’s decision to move back to California, Isha is faced with a similar choice and ultimately decides to stay in Texas and focus on growing her fashion design business, “Hut Mentality.”

One scene shows Michael saying goodbye to Isha and getting ready to leave for California, but he ultimately decides to stay in Austin instead. After Fractor returned, Michael told him he would stay at the Austin house as long as Isha did. To add insult to injury, he continued, “I’m learning that a job is a job; there are many of them out there, but there is only one Isha.”

Micheal and Isha are committed to one another, even though they haven’t made their relationship public just yet. Since Michael and Isha still follow each other on social media, we can assume that they are still together despite the show’s cliffhanger ending.

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