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anthony fantano divorce

Reddit reacts to Anthony Fantano allegedly divorcing Dominique Boxley

In his articles and videos, Fantano explores and debates a wide range of musical styles. In the years between 2000 and 2002, before starting school at Southern Connecticut State University, he was the music director of a radio station.

Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley bought a Divorce

Anthony Fantano and his wife Dominique Boxley’s divorce rumors have gone viral online, generating intense conversation among users of various social media sites. If this turns out to be true, the folks who follow Fantano aren’t going to be too happy.

But the YouTuber hasn’t done much to put an end to the speculation about a split. It took them a long time together before they were married. They had settled in Connecticut as a couple.

Anthony Fantano became a vegetarian after his teenage years. He decided to become a vegan not too long ago. After networking his way into a position with Connecticut Public Radio in 2007, he has remained there to this day. The music critic’s old radio show, which he presented 15 years ago and is called “The Want Drop,” is still on the air.

When the platform was launched in 2009, Fantano was an early adopter and a contributor in the same sector. When he created a YouTube channel in January 2009 to review episodes of The Needle Drop, he had professional advancement in mind.

He first started evaluating music videos after writing about an album by American record producer Steven Ellison. After the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act was passed in 2010, Fantano deleted older posts that had legal music clips.

Household Life and Relationships of Anthony Fantano

Dominick Boxley was thrust into the spotlight after the news of her marriage to Anthony Fantano was released. She is a lawful permanent resident of the United States and has assisted her husband by appearing in several of his viral films on YouTube.

There is some uncertainty as to when exactly they wed, however, it was likely in 2010. It was on Valentine’s Day of 2011 when they first started dating seriously. Soon after Anthony told his friends and family that Dominique was the one, the two wed in a small ceremony.

Anthony and Dominique do not have any children of their own. The Needle Drop, hosted by Fantano, has been available online since 2007. While he has since dismantled his previous complaints, he is still actively employed at the radio station at this time. He also worked at a pizza shop.

His family roots in both America and Sicily go back to the early colonial era; he was born in Connecticut. Useless Kennedys, the leader of an extreme punk band, was an inspiration to him. Back in the day, he frequently cited the frontman of an American punk band he admired as a political hero.

anthony fantano divorce
anthony fantano divorce

Anthony Fantano and His Spouse, Dominique Boxley, Are a Couple of Years Aside in Age

Anthony Fantano entered this world on October 28, 1985, making him 36 years old. His wife, Dominique, hasn’t come clean about her age, but she’s likely also in her 30s.

People on the FantanoHeads subreddit talked about Fantano and his divorce. Others have stated that reports of a breakup are nothing more than hearsay. They argued that Fantano did not merit such harsh treatment.

His devoted following also noted that he seemed to be experiencing personal difficulties and argued that everyone, no matter how tough their own life may be, should be permitted some degree of online anonymity.

Early years

Fantano’s parents left Sicily to start a new life in America, and he was born there. He was a teenager in his hometown of Wolcott, Connecticut. Jello Biafra, formerly of the hardcore punk band Useless Kennedys, bought Fantano because he was politically curious as a teenager. He characterized Biafra as “just about my political idol.”


Music director for Southern Connecticut State University’s radio station, Fantano began his tenure there in the early 2000s.

In 2007, Fantano became the host of The Needle Drop on Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR). In that same year, under the moniker The Needle Drop, he began releasing his reviews to the public. Back in January 2009, he uploaded his first video to YouTube, a review of an album by Jay Reatard. After seeing his review of Flying Lotus’s 2010 album Cosmogramma with other Flying Lotus videos in YouTube’s “Featured Videos” area, Fantano says he got the “hint” to keep doing video reviews.

In 2010, after discovering that some of its older reviews featured musical excerpts, Fantano took them down to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. [8] He was simultaneously employed at the school radio station and a neighborhood pizzeria, where he worked on The Needle Drop. He had worked for WNPR since late 2011, but he left to devote himself full-time to The Needle Drop in 2014. Despite Adult Swim’s offer of an album review show, Fantano rejected it respectfully.

In November 2016, Fantano increased the frequency of uploads to his second YouTube account. Spin claims he reviewed memes and “usually irreverent movies that don’t fall into the report evaluation style” on his channel.

An article from October 2017 in The Fader claimed that Fantano’s “thatistheplan” videos promoted alt-right ideology. Much time and energy were spent debating and investigating this back route. Memes featuring Pepe the Frog have been dubbed “alt-right insignia,” and Fantano has come under fire for using them to make fun of feminists. After the piece came out, some scheduled U.S. performances of “The Needle Drop” were canceled. At least one ticketing website explained why the performance in Brooklyn was canceled.

After being slammed with the bad article, which Fantano deemed a “hit job,” he decided to make a video in response. He denied being a supporter of the alt-right, explaining that he only watches such racially insensitive films for the sake of a good chuckle. As soon as one of the parties reported that the lawsuit had been resolved, the article was taken down from The Fader’s website. The “thatistheplan” channel has attracted its share of “grumpy, closed-minded, younger, violent males,” Fantano remarked in a later interview. Since then, he has grown more vocal in his advocacy for social justice concerns and has turned away from the “poisonous and destructive” side of internet humor.

Fantano was a force to be reckoned with in 2017 with its million subscribers and flurry of new features like weekly “observe roundup” movies, live-streamed Q&As, and video idea pieces.

In June of this year, Fantano made a brief appearance in the music video for Lil Nas X’s Younger Thug and Mason Ramsey’s remix of “Previous City Street.” He worked as a security guard at the Space 51 naval station, to borrow a phrase from the movie “Storm Space 51.”

He coordinated the release of a charity CD called The Needle Drop LP in the autumn of the same year. Sounds from “Artists who have been featured on the positioning or reviewed well in the past” are highlighted. Sales of the record benefited the non-profit Immigrant Legal Resource Center.


The Needle Drop won the “Past the weblog” award at the 2011 O Music Awards. Despite being widely praised, Fantano was criticized in 2014 by Nick Veronin of Wired for its lack of “fancy vocabulary” to describe its synthesizer sounds. He doesn’t talk much, but his clenched fists and wacky facial expressions make up for it. Some of the most transitory qualities of music, which are difficult to describe, are captured here.

Renowned music critic Robert Christgau was recently asked about the quality of Fantano’s reviews in 2019 and responded:

Robert Christgau, a noted music critic, was recently asked about the quality of Fantano’s reviews in 2019 and he responded:

Unlike gloomy proggers, he appreciates hip hop and R&B, but beware: only a handful of female artists made it into his top 10, which was woefully underwhelming in 2018. It appears like Fantano has found out how to make a living in the modern digital age by publishing his criticism on the internet.

Comic James Acaster referred to Fantano’s 2016 list of the finest albums in his 2019 book, Excellent Sound. Also, “maybe more than anybody else,” despite “an authentic music fan’s High 50,” “he recognizes how the function of the reviewer has altered since the internet became a thing.” In the past, reviewers were tasked with helping customers make wise purchasing decisions. Now they must inform the public as to what deserves their focus.

In September 2020, New York Times culture reporter Joe Coscarelli dubbed Fantano “possibly the preferred music reviewer still living” in an essay. According to Coscarelli, Fantano has given record reviews a new lease on life by adapting an “old craft to a new platform” for the benefit of modern music listeners.

Life At Residence

Right now, Fantano calls that place home.

Back in his late teens, he tried out a vegetarian lifestyle before fully committing to veganism.

For his part, Fantano proclaimed his “free speech purist” status to Polygon back in March of this year. Fantano remarked, “Sarcastically, Antifa makes use of violence and juvenile ways to obtain what they seek,” referring to the student protests that followed Milo Yiannopoulos’ address at UC Berkeley. Just what a fascist would do. Fantano endorsed Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate for president in 2020.

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