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alex kasser net worth

Alex Kasser Net Worth 2022 Family | More Details!

With Alex Kasser now dating Nichola Samponaro after divorcing Seth Bergstein, it appears that Alex Kasser and Seth Bergstein have moved on from their relationship.

Democrat Alex Kasser is an American politician who goes by the name “Alex Kasser.”

Stamford, Greenwich and New Canaan are all in the 36th District of Connecticut that she served from 2018 to 2021.

Alex is currently in the news as a result of her resignation from the Connecticut Senate.

Due to a change in her personal circumstances, she is no longer able to represent the people of Connecticut’s 36th Senate District.

Alex Kasser Partner Nichola Samponaro

The rumour mill claims that Alex Kasser and Nichola Samponaro are currently in a relationship.

After her divorce from Bergstein, she started dating Nichola.

Additionally, Samponaro works as a real estate agent. While working in her Senate office, she served as a campaign manager for the 2018 election and as a temporary assistant.

After a decade of marriage, Kasser finally came out as a lesbian.

alex kasser net worth
alex kasser net worth

Alex Kasser Family and Children Details

There has been no official word on Alex Kasser’s parents, grandparents, or siblings.

Her other relatives, such as her aunts, uncles, and cousins, have been kept in the dark as well.

Before their divorce, she and Bergsten were the parents of three children. Nobody knows who they really are.

Alex Kasser Divorce

After a difficult divorce from Seth Bergstein, Kasser announced on June 22, 2021, that she would be resigning from the state Senate.

Seth, a senior Morgan Stanley executive, is the icing on the cake.

She’s happy now with Nichola Samponaro as her real estate agent partner.

Alex Kasser Wikipedia Explored

O’Connor, Caitlin There’s no time wasted searching for Wikipedia when you’re on the internet.

In 1988, she received a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University.

Yale University awarded her a Master’s and Doctorate in Environmental Law and Policy after she completed her undergraduate studies there.


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