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After a tour bus accident, Hardy informs his fans, “I’m alive”

Hardy informs his fans

Hardy informs his fans

Hardy, along with three other passengers on the tour bus, had “serious injuries” in the accident, and is now resting at home. Although he hasn’t yet given us details on what happened or how severe his injuries are, he is thanking fans for their prayers.

The musician shared a selfie with his fiancée Caleigh Ryan on Sunday, October 2. Ryan puts her head on his shoulder, and he smiles slightly and appears satisfied.

He comments on his Instagram Story, “Thank you for all the texts and calls. “I love you all, and the only thing that matters is that I’m alive.”

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good wishes, Ryan also expressed her thanks on Instagram, writing, “I’m praising God with all of my heart that I’m able to grasp his hand right now.”

It really is a wonder that everyone is alive, she continues, adding that “Michael, Tanner, and Noah are ok, thank God. They suffered some bruises, but Ricky still very much needs everyone’s prayers.”

Hardy informs his fans

Hardy’s bus driver, “Ricky,” has reportedly needed more medical care and has stayed in the hospital after other patients were discharged, according to both the actor and his fiance.

The incident was reported by WKRN early on Sunday. The incident happened on October 2 at roughly 2:30AM on Interstate 40 in Middle Tennessee as the bus was travelling west. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has received reports of injuries and is looking into the collision’s causes.

A few hours after the accident, Hardy revealed it and asked for prayers. After a performance in Bristol, Tennessee, he was returning to Nashville with the rest of his team.

He told the crowd, “There were just four of us on the bus, including me, but we were all treated for major injuries. My crew and I will keep fans updated on that while I rest in the coming days. “… I’ve been released from the hospital, but told by doctors to heal for the next two weeks, which may cost us a few of gigs.”

In order to recuperate and rehabilitate, the “Wait in the Truck” singer announces that he would be taking a break. He has pledged to update fans in the coming days and that it will “cost us a couple of shows” if he takes a few weeks to heal per doctor’s advice.

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