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A Nightmare Of Needless Deaths

A Nightmare Of Needless Deaths -By Kene Obiezu

If Nigeria is ever going to fulfil the dreams of its forefathers and families, it must eliminate preventable deaths immediately.

Many lives are lost needlessly each year in Nigeria. The government must increase citizens’ sense of security in order to reduce the number of senseless fatalities.

A shocking number of deaths every year affect Nigerian households. Preventable and curable diseases that shouldn’t normally constitute a handful routinely take children away from their families, leaving them helpless and forcing them to go through life with broken hearts. This is particularly true for families that contribute significantly to Nigeria’s 133 million poor.

Death has often come abruptly and violently, shattering the hearts of families who have members serving in any of Nigeria’s security services at the forefront of the war against insurgency.

Death and destruction have constantly followed families living in places targeted by terrorists over the past decade.

Death has visited many other Nigerians at their homes, farms, on the roadways, and elsewhere, further decreasing an already dubious life expectancy in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Air Force recently conducted an air raid on a market in Mutunji, a village in the Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State, in an effort to eliminate terrorists. About 68 locals also lost their lives due to the air strikes that killed dozens of bandits who were about to invade neighbouring villages.

Scores have also been slain in recent days as security forces raided IPOB camps in the Southeast.

Many people have also been crushed to death this year when buildings have collapsed or other bizarre incidents have occurred. As more people have died, more bodies have piled up, yet Nigeria is still a place where human life may be snuffed out in a matter of seconds.

Does a person’s life even matter in Nigeria? How would you rate the standard of living in Nigeria? In all honesty, it’s not that high. There is a high mortality rate in Nigeria; people can be alive one minute and dead the next.
Those who can afford to do so understandably want to get their families out of these nations as soon as possible to a country where they may feel more secure about their safety.

Those who are able to do so will find that death lurks in nearly every nook of Nigeria. Those who choose to remain behind do so often because they are physically unable to move.

Nigeria has to be the kind of place where people live long, happy, and productive lives. The standard of living there must rise significantly before it can be considered that country.
The government must make sure that citizens are not killed in security drills or air raids.

Healthcare for families and children needs to be enhanced as well. Nigerians must end their tragic mortality rate from treatable causes.

Increased safety on Nigeria’s highways is also a priority. Both the roads themselves and the cars that use them need ongoing improvement.
Unnecessary road accidents must be eliminated for Nigeria to reach its goal of becoming a country where driving is safe for everyone.

If Nigeria is ever going to fulfil the dreams of its forefathers and families, it must eliminate preventable deaths immediately.

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