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Toronto stabbing death

8 teen girls charged with murder in Toronto stabbing death

A 59-year-old man was stabbed to death in Toronto on Tuesday, and eight adolescent girls who allegedly met online were charged with second-degree murder on Tuesday.

According to their investigation, the girls attacked and stabbed the man early on Sunday morning in downtown Toronto. According to the police, paramedics took the man to the hospital, where he later died.

The eight girls were reportedly apprehended close to the site of the crime. There are three thirteen-year-olds, three fourteen-year-olds, and two sixteen-year-olds in the group of girls.

Toronto Police Service Homicide Squad Detective Sergeant Terry Browne reported that the same girls had fought earlier in the evening.

They connected on several online platforms. “They’re from all around the city,” Browne remarked. We don’t know how they arranged to meet that night, or what drew them to Toronto’s financial district. It is unknown how long they have known one another. It’s too early to call them a gang.

When asked what they did, Browne stated they “swarmed.”

He mentioned that several firearms were confiscated, but he wouldn’t specify what they were. He also mentioned that three of the girls had previous interactions with law enforcement.

The girls’ identities are being kept secret by Canadian authorities due to their age.

They have appeared in court for the first time and are still being held without bail. Hearing date has been set for December 29.

According to Browne, the victim entered Toronto’s shelter system in the late fall.

I wouldn’t necessarily call him homeless because he has very supportive family in the vicinity. Perhaps you’ve been having some bad luck as of late,” he suggested.

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